God has work for local evangelists. Below are contacts that offer their help in preaching and furthering the gospel.

Brother Don Avaritt has been actively supporting several congregations with his time and speaking talent. He will be in Tucson and Sierra Vista as well as Mexico at the end of October and beginning of November.

Brother Evin Yarbrough is preparing to reach out farther with his Armor of God series of studies. Each bit of armor has been a year in consideration and development. Once the last two sections are complete, the intent is to offer weekend or possibly even week-long meetings for strengthening local congregations. This work is entirely sponsored of his own effort and resources.

Brother Sammy Dick has made his free weeks available for local missions. He likes to book several months in advance and have time to develop counseling and subject material. Please contact Sammy to participate.

Please add information below if you would like to be listed as a contact for strengthening.

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