God has workers in the Philippines. Currently plans are in the works for Brother Harry to visit with Fred Agbisit and family. Brothers Chris and Premie intend to travel to some other islands to meet with them. The cost of plane tickets has become insane. Basically we have to travel on the dates that the airlines will be somewhat “reasonable”. This “reasonable” amount is like three times what it was only a few years ago. Pray for this work!


Brother Bill Yarbrough writes:

Beloved Breanna and to all the faithful in Christ Jesus,

I wish to use the apostle Peter’s salutation to the dispersed Christians,

“To those who through the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ have received a faith as precious as ours:

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.” Peter 1:1-2

In my last e-mail, we had word from sister Premie that she had severe headaches, high blood pressure and a urinary infection. Her latest report:

Philippines: The island of Panay.


Our beloved brothers Bill, Harry and Jim,

We thank all of you for your kindness and concerned for our situation here and we thank all our brothers and sisters there in Sierra Vista for their kindness for the financial help extended for Premie’s medication. ”

Chris and Premie

The Philippines: The island of Luzon



Brother Rudy Gonzales, is doing much better. His eyesight has greatly improved since the surgery, his blood sugar is well within limits, and his blood pressure is much lower. Praise be to the Great Physician who answers prayers. Brother Rudy sends his heart-felt appreciation for all of the prayers that have gone up to our Father on his behalf.

Brother Alejandro is improving. If you recall his doctor found a tumor in his neck a few days ago. He has noticed some improvement, but the doctor wants him to continue the medication for another 5 days. Let’s pray that this problem will be cured. I will keep you posted.

Philippines, the island of Palawan,


Recent e-mails, back and forth, from the daughter of brother Fred Agbisit, has informed us that this influential brother almost died this past week. He no longer receives support so he has been farming in the rice patties, wadding water, ankle deep, all day. She feels that due to this he has contacted malaria and phenomena, but is now some better. Here is her latest report:


Greetings in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you so much for your concern and prayers for my father’s fast recovery. It is indeed a big relief for us to know that you still care for him. Please pass our gratitude to our brethren there and including your families.

I myself, am very much touched by your kindness because you still consider helping us even though you are financially tight. With our present situation, we are certainly needing some help of financial assistance for my father’s immediate medical needs. Your help will be very much appreciated.

For those medicines he needs that are not available in the hospital pharmacy and that we can afford, we are buying it outside, however other medicines and laboratory examinations are included to our bill. As of today, the bill is running at about P25,683.55 (Apx. $515.00) doctor’s professional fee isn’t included yet. My brother sent help but it just covered my father’s medicines in 4days, most of his medicines especially in curing his malaria and pneumonia are very expensive, and everyday he has laboratory examinations.

My father now can sit though he still needs assistance, he worries with his speech, he wanted to get it back the soonest because nobody else could help my cousin Dwight in teaching sermons and bible studies. You know, my father is a bible man, he would like to have participation in our church service every Sunday. Hopefully he can speak clearly again.

Any amount you can help us will do, my father’s account at Metro Bank were you used to send is already closed. You can use my savings account or thru Western Union

Our love, Brinelda G. Agbisit.


Brother Harry and I know his two daughters quite well. It is our opinion that we can trust the reports that ‘Brinny’ has sent.

Brother Bill Daughtery called me a few minutes ago. Our sincere thanks to the church there at Gilstrap who agreed tonight to send financial help toward each of the needs of those above mentioned.


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