Mexico Update Jun 08

Update from Brother Evin Yarbrough

I wanted to pass along the appreciation for the Toyota pick-up truck that we delivered to Brother Alejandro Cisneros for the work in Mexico.  Several congregations and individuals contributed to the expense of finding the right vehicle to support evangelism.  We tooled down to Mexico yesterday to deliver the truck and to provide funds for the taxes and insurance changing the title over.  Brother Alejandro and Brother Fermin intend to leave monday morning to work among churches in the Yucatan.  They plan to work there three weeks with brother Bol from Belize.

We were able to discuss several concerns that we have encountered in the Mexico and Yucatan work.  One church in particular presented us an interesting problem concerning a member living with a married individual.  I asked brother Alejandro specifically how he would respond to the situation.  He insisted that God expects absolute separation of the individuals in question.  I tried to argue from several viewpoints to see how firm brother Alejandro stood on divorce and remarriage.  I started by saying maybe the man was not a christian when he messed up his first marriage. - The answer was that “en el principio” or “in the Beginning” it was one man, one woman.  He assured me that this applies to all mankind.  We covered a few other weak “what if” scenarios, but Alejandro was very clear to me that there are only two options for a married person: remain separated, or be reconciled.


God made things work smoothly with transfering the truck.  Please remember the work in the Yucatan, that peace will go before them and that a spirit of unity will prevail.

In His service, Evin

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