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Don Avaritt’s Trip to Mexico Nov. 07

November 13, 2007

Vilonia, Arkansas

Dear Brethren,

The impact of the efforts of Brother Alejandro in Mexico are even greater than I recognized in my last visit, about a year ago. His work in Nogales has been most fruitful and the congregation there is very courageous and strong. They are not able to put a sign on the building there designating them to be “Church of Christ” for this would either land them in jail or get their building burnt to the ground. In the face of this they remain dedicated and busy in their fellowship within, having at least 3 to 4 open studies within the congregation each day wherein all are encouraged to meet and participate in maintaining their resolve to stand for the Truth in such a wicked and Catholic society. My last visit to the congregation on a Sunday, the surrounding houses began playing their radios on loud speakers precisely at the moment of meeting time to show their disfavor for their presence and form of worship. The smiling faces and loud voices raised on high were unaffected by carnal man as they joyfully continued to worship the God we all serve. Remember them in prayer, as well as ourselves that we might be so bold to serve Him as they.
Brother Alejandro and Jason Avaritt
Alejandro is also involved in an effort with a few families in Tecate, south of San Diego, California. They were with the Class faction for a time but through his working with them they have taken a firm stance for the Truth concerning that issue. There is much to do there but the work in Las Flores, which I am about to divulge, will take some focus away from that area of Mexico. Due to this I asked Alejandro if there were other men in the congregation in Nogales who were capable and desirous of development toward evangelistic work. He was very excited to inform me of Brother Seisa, a man around 40 years of age, most faithful and having a strong desire to do the same work in the same manner as Alejandro. A meeting was set up in which I was able to interview Seisa concerning his abilities and desire and I am convinced he is our man. If we can generate some more income, he and his wife and four children will be ready to go to the fields of harvest.
Meeting with brothers
My son Jason and I arrived in Tucson on November 2 (Friday) and visited the congregation in Sierra Vista on Sunday morning, then immediately left for the border town of Nogales. Meeting Alejandro there we crossed and drove straight to Guaymas for a short night in a $20 establishment known as Hotel Royal. Don’t let the name fool you! Up a 5:00 we hurriedly drove the remainder of the 500 mile trip south to the State of Mexico called Sinaloa. Near Guasave, a rather large town, we turned south to the plains leading to the Ocean primarily used for Tomato farming. In the middle of such fields is a 37.4 acre town called Las Flores. The three of us slept outdoors each night as the home of Brother Faustino Leon is too small to sleep anyone other than his own family. Each morning we were up a 5:00, breakfast consisting of the local fare best described as watered down Malto-Meal like soup made from the ear of the corn, Cob and all. By 8:00, or so, we are each morning walking the dirt streets looking for people to study the Word, finding with no difficulty a family here and there and spending an average of one to two hours at each location. These are people none of us have ever met before! Try to imagine that kind of reception in your own town, and then we begin to comprehend the reason why Mexico is so full of opportunity.
Talking with workers
In past years Alejandro met strangers from the Las Flores community in his home town of Nogales. Those families many years ago moved to Nogales to find work and were converted through his studies with them. Later many of them dispersed to other communities, primarily in the State of Sinaloa. It is those families we are seeking out and pulling together to establish a local congregation in Las Flores, which will, for now, serve the needs for other nearby communities, Las Culebras and Las Canadas. The short story is this. As a result of the work done this past week we have 11 members of the Church, with 22 children, some of age for conversion, thus a congregation with an attendance of 33 is now in Las Flores, where before there was only Brother Faustino and his wife. We made provisions beforehand for building a meeting place one the land of Brother Faustino due to his good favor. We then purchased all of the materials for the concrete floor, block walls and metal roof for a total cost of $1,260.00. Again, imagine such a thing in our own towns. The rich and glorious opportunity to share the Word of God in this way is simply without reproach so long as we stay constantly in touch with the men doing the work.
Talking with brothers
This is the task we must continue, the constant observation process of the work we are supporting so that an account may be made of what is being accomplished and what is then needed. For my part, Lord willing, the plan is to visit the work in all of these areas quarterly that we may know how they are progressing, to stay in touch with Alejandro and Bro. Seisa perhaps at times gently suggesting opportunities for their attention, but always primarily an observer of their work and the foundation they have so bravely and energetically laid through the years. They cannot do this work effectively without our financial support, we should then rise to the opportunity and with full accountability get on with the work, providing exhaustive information to as many as possible so that this work can not only be maintained at present status, but increased as more opportunities are known to us.

After our week in Mexico we are committed to the schedule and I believe we should go each trip with a witness to the work there that all information and observations may truly be established. With this plan in operation I believe the Lord will add the work in Mexico, and all can feel great comfort as they contribute their assistance and prayers in behalf of a wonderful task.

Your Servant,

Don Avaritt

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