Gardens For Africa project. 

Africa Progress Update June 2008

 God has workers in Africa. There are countless (~400) faithful churches in Africa. These often have memberships of 50-100 souls. The work of brother Harry Cobb and many other evangelists has seen drastic growth.

The shipping container full of gifts needs to be recieved.  Brothers will be going to do this and they will be doing evangelistic work and could use our prayers. They intend to return in about three weeks time.

The well digging project provides our brothers in Africa the opportunity to provide for themselves, and promote the local villages. We can employ brothers to do the well digging by hand, and we also have machine operated drilling equipment in Africa. This solution is drastically more effective use of our funds than buying corn or other temporary solutions. The work has to be completed before the rainy season. The final process not only feeds our brothers with gardens, but also provides a method for them to sell and get income. During the rainy season the floods destroy crops and halt progress.

The present average cost for one well is less than $1,000.00 USD. We have built 6 wells at present. Each well can sustain a community. Please contact Evin Yarbrough or brother Harry to contribute to this work, not only do all donations go directly to the Africa work, we also more than match them in donations here. Prices are increasing, and God is working in the vineyard.

Other projects that are in the works include trips for farming instruction, brick-making and firing equipment to improve homes, and economy. See Keith Moore for this effort.

Brother Phil Neilson has interest and information in Micro-Funding loans and their success in improving the economy of third-world and impoverished countries. These funds have been shown to improve the livelihood of people who could otherwise not employ themselves. They have great success because they are usually well managed and supervised by the loaning institutions.  There is also a project in the works for solar ovens.  These can be made for very little money, and they will save the scarce firewood.

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