Welcome to evangelismtool.com, the evangelism tool for the churches of Christ! Here you will find information about work for God in many fields. Meetings, mentoring, contact information and much more are presented for your benefit. Please feel welcome to comment, criticize, or participate by commenting wherever you like.

First and most importantly: What the site is NOT. We do not want to create a “hierarchy” or reporting/command chain. We feel that each local congregation is autonomous and answers to God for their actions. There are many local congregations supporting this effort, and it does not reflect the beliefs or views of any manmade group. As the name implies, it is quite simply a TOOL for evangelistic outreach and growth.

Evangelism: We hope to show simple views of the outreach efforts made by many individuals. The first efforts of development will focus in this area. The fields are ripe and the workers are few. Perhaps some small part of this will inform the visitor: What efforts are out there? How can I help support the efforts? Who can I contact for each effort?

Mentoring: The process of creating new evangelists, new teachers and leaders, new workers in the fields. How do you pass on the years of knowledge and work experience? Who will carry the torch forward? What is out there for me to teach? What is out there for me to learn?

Meetings: Efforts that are being put forth to support and grow the believers. There are “watering” opportunities scheduled often. Directions, times, schedules. What is going on where?

Opportunities: While the whole site design is really about opportunities, there are things that fit well here: child-rearing specific teaching, financial accountability opportunities and such.

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